Pressure Wash

Restoration Services

At Classic Restorations we provide a range of restoration services to customers in the Co. Cork region. We offer powerwashing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, tarmac restoration, block paving cleaning, exterior wall cleaning, red stain removals from walls and more.

We provide a complete driveway and patio restoration service which entails cleaning the existing surface and using either a paving sealer or a tarmac sealer to restore the original colour and impregnate the surface giving it a longer life span.

We offer a driveway restoration service to our clients. The driveway sealer is used to restore your old paving back in colour and give it an extra layer of protection against further wear and tear. We can clean and seal your tarmac driveway, leaving it looking like it was just newly installed.

With our roof restoration service, we can power wash off all the grime, algae and fungus on your roof. We can treat the roof and clear out all your guttering as well.

Driveway Restorations

Why replace your old driveway or patio when you can clean and seal it? Classic Restorations can restore your old driveway and patio. We can breathe life back into it making it look like a new installation. Regardless if its tarmac, paving, concrete or any type of natural stone, we can restore it and add years of durability to it.